Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Hello scrappers! Happy July to you. We are fully into summer now, and I'm really loving it! So much better than school every day, especially homework! My kids aren't big fans of homework, and I'm constantly on them to be neat! Today's tips are all about the Text Tool!

Spelling is usually one of my strong points! In actuality, I'm a good speller, but my fingers and typing can occasionally make me a bad speller. The Type Tool allows you to check you spelling after you've finished typing. All you have to do is have the Type Tool selected, right click on the text and choose "Check Spelling!" Simple.... and I will totally "change" that spelling mistake! :P

Another tip that I love with the Type Tool is being able to decide between fonts using what I have typed on my layout already! This way, I can see all the letters, spacing, and how they place on the layout. All you have to do is have the Type Tool selected, click the arrow next to the name of the font, and start using the arrow keys up and down. You can scroll through as many fonts that you have loaded, or even a pre-made list of favorite fonts.

Lastly, one of my go to steps for type on my layouts. Use the Blend Modes! You don't realize how they might work with the background and totally change how the appearance of the font will look! It might make it pop off the page more, add more of a muted look, or change it unexpectedly and you end up loving it! This is a must for art journaling! :)

Lastly, I'm going to touch on the text color. With the Type Tool selected as well as your Type Layer, you just click on the color within the Options bar. The Color Picker will pop up, and then you can click around to chose the color that best works for your layout.

There you go, my favorite Type Tool tips! If you have any that you want to share, please do! I love learning new tricks!
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