Tuesday, 16 May 2017


We’ve got so many beautiful places in the world and there are so many great cities I wild love to see.  Luckily we can see bits and pieces of  many of them on tv or on the world wide web, but it is never the same as being there for real. I’ve already seen  and stayed in a lot of great cities in Europe during my backpacking holidays in the summer and when wewent on a citytrip but there's still quite a few on my wishlist.

Pictures found on Pinterest

I just love to scrap holiday pictures and journal about what we have seen and did during a day. Here are some city-fonts that I found for your traveling experiences, all free to download!

1. Stockholm, 2. Hong Kong, 3. London, 4. Washington, 5. Paris, 6. San Fransisco, 7. Helsinki, 8. Beijing, 9. Berlin,  10. New York

Which city is high on your wishlist?


  1. Well I have been to Stockholm, Helsinki, London and Berlin & Paris is not that far so question is do I go eaast of west next :)
    Great fonts, ty for sharing xxx

    1. Wow Ann-Charlotte! You sure visited a lot of those cities!