Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Hello scrapper! Fresh off of Month of Challenges at The Lilypad, I'm going to put you to a little challenge to learn a new technique! I promise it's an easy one that you will love! I find that I love the learning - hence why I seem to write tutorials! :P So, today's post is about using one of my favorite products of Mirjam's - Ink Pad!

Here, you can see my current layout with the alphabet over all my layers. It sort of looks funny over the torn papers to me, and I like when my scrapping mimics my old paper scrapping days. I decided I wanted to bring more attention to it as well, so I thought I'll "STICKERIZE" it! Yes... I love creating my own new vocabulary words!

First things first, press "D" to have your foreground and background colors set to default - black foreground and white background.

From the Layers Palette, I pressed Command + Shift + then click on the small icons of ALL letters that you want marching ants for. I now have marching ants around all of the the inked letters - WINTER.

Next, you will want to create a new layer BELOW the Inked Alphabet. Within the Layers Palette, chose and highlight the layer right under the last letter.  You can click on the small square with a folded corner which is on the bottom of the Layers Palette. Below, my newly created layer is Layer 5.

So, now that I have my marching ants around all letters,and I've got my layers ready to go, I'm now going to expand those marching ants. Click on Select > Modify > Expand.

Choose a number that you want to expand the borders to - I chose 15. You can do anything you want. The higher the number the thicker the edge. Once you click ok, the borders move out. If you like the amount, then you're done. If you want it a bit thicker, just repeat this step again. I repeated it, and added another expansion of 7 (on top of the 15 already done).

Here is what my marching ants looks like at the moment.

Now, I know I wanted a white fill in... but it wouldn't show well for the tutorial, so I filled in green, and then white. SO...with the marching ants marching, press Command + Delete. This will fill in your marching ants on your newly created layer with the background color, white.

Here is the white, and I added a shadow to the alphabet sticker. They've been STICKERIZED!
(Torn Treasures #3, Fancy Whites paper pack, Winter Talk Word Art and Ink Pad products were used to make my layout)

My final layout with my fun new alpha! :P

Thanks for visiting and I hope this was something fun to learn!
Jenn Marione | jk703

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