Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Hi Everyone, this is Jenn, jk703, here today! Can you believe it's 2017!?! O goodness, I can't. It seems like time is flying by, and I think I repeat myself every year! lol! So, for the start of the year, I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite tutorials that have been featured on the Pink Reptile Designs Blog. There really are so many to choose from, that choosing was very hard to do!

Ok, last year during Month of Challenges, Mirjam posted a wonderful layout for the Day 22, an inspiration challenge. She was inspired and then created the Halftone Black & White Tutorial! How cool is that!? I'm always in awe when designers create, teach and scrap - a triple creative threat! :)

I started writing tutorials for Mirjam in February! It was the coolest thing to be contacted by a designer asking if I was interested in writing tutorials. I was super ecstatic, but I asked to wait until MOC was over, cause I was determined to finish! I was lucky that I did, since I was asked to be a Polly in the end! One of my first tutorials for Mirjam, was the Dry Embossing Tutorial.  Always a favorite since it mimics my old paper scrapping and card making days!

Another favorite post of mine was Pixelizing, named aptly because I didn't know how else to describe it for the tutorial! One of my kids was playing Minecraft, and I commented at how pixelated the game seemed. It lead to me looking for a technique to see if I could Pixelize a photo. I LOVED how it turned out, and had to complete a page for each son!


Next, I found that Geraldine made the most adorable Hybrid Album In A Box Album! It almost made me want to pull out my paper and adhesive... but I had given most of my supplies away! I was loving the little album, and the cute little box that it fit into - perfect for keeping it nice and neat! It had bigger photos, and a super cute cluster too!

Another favorite tutorial and post is the Three Way: Fonts for Handwritten Titles tutorial. Jenn created these three layouts, and I loved them ALL - I couldn't pick which was a favorite when i saw the post! So many great tips, and such eye candy for this tutorial!

One last favorite tutorial is such an easy fix, and can make some photos so much better! The Fabulous Easy Photo Fix Tutoriall just plain rocks! You have to try it on your own photos to be amazed! lol!

There is a quick round up of my favorite tutorials for the Pink Reptile Blog! Did you have a favorite? I'd love to hear what yours have been. Any ideas that you have for tutorials are always welcome. It's hard to know what people want to learn, so any help is truly appreciated! :)

Thanks for visiting!
Jenn, jk703

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