Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Hello Scrapping Friends! I have a brand new edition of my Three Way Series, where we show you creative ways to use and stretch your stash. Today we are going to be playing with paint strokes on our pages.

I've been inspired by the colors of summer lately. Everything is bright and in full bloom. So I thought why not find some ways to get bold color on our pages with paint. Are you ready to play with me? Let's do this ...

For my first page I decided to stack two different paint strokes from Stamp It No. 1 and Dreams | Elements and basically just fill up the whole page with these paint strokes. I wanted to use a B&W photo ... so really any color was fair game for my page. I went with a bright blue and turquoise. 
One tip is that when working with paint strokes from a kit ... remember that they are forgiving, meaning you can squish and squash them and it doesn't really distort them. Who's to know that you did that right? So go ahead and pull out the sides to make that paint stroke fit your needs. I give you permission! :) 
Then I grabbed some watercolor flowers from Sing Like Nobody is Listening Collab, recolored them, and put a white background on them. I also grabbed a flowers stamp from Luv Ya Ma | Elements (recolored, made into a sticker) to really play up the punch of painterly color on my page. I love how bold this page is!

For my second page, I repeated the photo a few times and went with a minimal, clean grid design. This time those same paint stroked got squished tighter to form a rectangular shape to match the shape of the photo. I wanted these painty strokes to fill in those 3 remaining spaces (or grids). This design left me plenty of room to add a punch of color and a few cute elements to dress up my page. I love the look of this modern grid style page!

My third example of using paint went in a different direction than I intended, but I love the outcome. Here, I just made those very same paint strokes into a big foundation for my page. I intended for it to be a big, bold pop of a single color of paint under my B&W photo. But at the last minute I grabbed a cool graphic pattern paper from Sing Like Nobody is Listening Collab and clipped it to the paint. I love the effect of painterly edges with the graphic lines of the patterned paper.

Watch this video to see how I made my pages in a more step by step way:

Pink Reptile Designs: Three Way Series | Paint Me Pretty from mirjam schurings on Vimeo.

So what do you think? Ready to go painterly on your next page?


  1. Awesome tutorial! I seriously love all 3 ways and LO's!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I am so glad you liked the 3 examples! :)

  3. I really love this tutorial! What great ways to use paint!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!! I usually have at least one that I want to try the most on your three way series, but on this one I can't wait to try all three! Thanks for sharing!!