Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Everyone is excited when the long-awaited summer vacation has arrived and we can enjoy that much deserved free time and [hopefully] good weather, go away to other countries and/or other places, enjoy a bit of sightseeing and have a great family time away from the daily grind and everything in a lazy-pace.

However...to all that relaxing comes an end after a couple of weeks and then there’s that day the kids have to go back to school and the  daily routine is there again. The shops here are full of the latest school supplies, pens and calendars and my girls akways look forward to buying new stuff for school. And when the kids are back in school it’s time for schoolprojects, labels for lunchboxes and lesson plans!

images from Pinterest

These fonts are great for some creative homework projects, homeschool print outs, classroom crafts and more and they are all free!

1. Learning Curve, 2. Crayon Crumble, 3. Bookworm, 4. Back To School, 5. Cursive Standard, 6. Collegiate, 7. Print Clearly, 8. Scolar Paper, 9. Chemistry, 10. Tox Typewriter

I just love the Chemistry one!  It reminds me of my science classes!  Which is your favorite?

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