Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Hi Scrapping Friends! It's been awhile, but I am back with a brand new edition of my Three Way Series, where we show you creative ways to use and stretch your stash. Today we are going to be looking at fun ways to use doodles on our pages.

There are so many fun doodle packs in the Pink Reptile Designs store at The Lilypad. Emphasizers, ScribbleDeeDo and almost every element pack Mirjam makes has some kind of cute little doodle within. I thought it might be fun to try to play with these doodles in new ways. Are you ready to play with me? Let's go ...

First up ... is the idea to really make a statement with a doodle by taking one doodled bit and repeating it neatly on your page. I took this cute doodled triangle from the ScribbleDeeDo | Brushes & Stamps pack and made several rows and used it as a border on the bottom edge of my page. It also makes a nice landing for my photo. (I also merged all the triangle layers together and clipped a paper to it to change the color ... but more on that in a minute!)

Here's my page with this simple trick to use one doodle repeatedly :

The next idea to incorporate a doodle on your page in a different way is to make it over-sized. It's such a simple idea but one I think many of us do not do often enough. Try it ... it will change up the look of your usual pages and it just so easy! On this page I took a word art doodle "Hello", from the Emphasizers Vol. 2 pack . again this gave my photo a place to sit and added some oomph to my page. I also used the tip above, and repeated the word on 3 different lines, this time making it a border on the top edge of my page.

Here's my page with this easy tip to use one over-sized doodle :

The third and last idea I want to share is using a doodle with papers so that it no longer appears to be a doodle. This gives the doodle a completely different look and feel. If you use a shadow on the doodle after you clip some pretty patterned paper to it, it will look like a little scrap of paper taking on the shape of the original doodle. If you leave it shadowless, like I did on my page below, it makes it feel more painterly and soft. I took a border doodle from the Emphasizers Vol. 2 pack and repeated it a few times on my page. I clipped multiple papers to each row and it became the foundation for my photo area.

Here's my page using this technique :

That's all for this edition of the Three Way Series. I hope you are inspired to try to play with your doodles in creative and new ways.

 Watch this video to see how I made my pages in a more step by step way:

Pink Reptile Designs : Three Way Series | Designing with Doodles on Vimeo.

Happy Scrapping!

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