Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing great out there in digi-land! This is Jenn, aka jk703, here today! I've got a super, fun, easy and "creative" tutorial to show you today. Mirjam has so many great kits, and many include word art that you can use on your pages. They are usually very versatile, so easy to clip a paper to, and they lay out titles a snap! But, what do you do when the paper you clipped doesn't look how you want it to? I've got an idea for you to try!

For my layout, I've used Mirjam's heART Elements, heART Papers and Mixed Emotions! This kit might be about art, but it's super adaptable for other instances! I've also used Scrapping with Liz's Recyclables 34.

Here is the layout that I am working on. I'm about to add the images that I've edited, my journaling, and some last minute tweaks.

As you can see, I've added the "Create" word art, and it's a lovely black on my blue painty paper. I'm going to try to make this blue, but a darker shade.

My first step is to pull the blue paper in above the word art, right click and then I choose to clip it to the word art. That looks like this in the Layers Palette:

It's too light. I can see it, but it matches too well to really stand out much! What do you think?

Now, I've decided to try out the different blend modes. With your word art actually selected in the Layers Palette, and your Move Tool also the tool in use, you will then press the Shift and the + sign key, which give you the ability to "scroll" through the Blend Modes. If you like one, and accidentally go past it, just hit the - key, and it will "scroll" back one. If you cannot use the Shift key, then you can click on the Blend Modes and pick them with your mouse cursor, from the drop down menu.

I've selected the Multiply Blend Mode at 100% opacity. It looks still a little light for a title on the page. If you use a mode, and you think it is too dark, or too much, you can easily use the slider under Opacity to a lower number.

Here is what my word art looks like now:

Just in case you wondered about Fill versus Opacity, like I did. Fill and Opacity options allow you to "see" the layer below, and determine how much of it you can see. The main difference between them occurs when there are styles on the layer. Opacity will change and affect all of the layer including layer styles, while the Fill option only affects the layer content, but not layer styles.

None of the other blend modes really work for what I want my title to look like, they aren't showing the right color, or they aren't dark enough! What's a scrapper to do? Well...... lets see what happens if we simply duplicate the layers together. Like this:

A simple duplication of layers created a title that was dark enough, true to the paper color and pops enough to be a title word [in my mind, lol!].

After adding the photos, tweaking some shadows, and adding the journaling. Here is my final layout! A quick and easy way to try out word art as titles, and still work with the colors of the kit!


Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Jenn | jk703

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