Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hi Scrapping Friends! In today's Three Way post, the Three Way Series is where we show you creative ways to use and stretch your stash, we are going to be looking at fun ways to incorporate our elements into our journaling. Don't panic! I'm not talking about endless sentences and paragraphs of journaling (although this works REALLY well with pages that have lots and lots of journaling!).
This technique can be used on all kinds of journaling!

Whether you just write little snippets to provide a few details, prefer to create a list, or even if you use word art to express your thoughts on your pages! Whatever your go-to method of getting the words and details on your page ... this design trick can be used! Are you with me? I hope so! Let's get started.

During the Lilypad's Month of Challenges, I saw a few pages that had the most adorable little journaling dividers breaking up paragraphs of journaling. I thought ... I've done this before but it's been way too long. I need to do this more often! And ... I thought that it could definitely be done with small bits of journaling as well. Mirjam's Emphasizers element pack of brushes and stamps is so perfect for this idea!

Pink Reptile Designs | Emphasizers

I picked out a couple of the cute doodled lines and also added in a dotted line stamp from O Sole Mio ... and used these doodles as little journaling dividers between my snippets of journaling. This looks amazing in between full paragraphs of journaling too! Here's my page with this idea:

Another idea to use your stash in a creative way is to take elements, that you might normally just place individually on your page or as part of a larger cluster, and repeat it to create a little embellished divider. For this idea I grabbed the adorable Corkee Bits element pack. 

Pink Reptile Designs | Corkee Bits

I used the camera, the heart and the arrow ... and resized and grouped them in trios. I think they look so sweet in between my journaling snippets and can think of tons of other elements that could be used in this manner! Brads, buttons, sequins, little bits of ribbon ... the list is endless!

In my last example of adding journaling dividers to our pages, I created my own little journaling strips with little subtitles, numbers from the It's a Zoo alpha pack, and I used a cross stitch element, that can be found in the Daily Life Pockets pack, to anchor them to my page. This would be cute simply to make a list on your page, but I used it as divider in between my journaling snippets. Here's how my page turned out with this journaling divider idea:


I find the easiest things to journal about are the event-type photos. Photos of vacations, day trips and visits make it so easy to get accustomed to adding some details to your pages.

My photo doesn't exactly look like an event - but it was! We were visiting my mom during the summer and our day plans got rained out, so we improvised and came up with a new idea. The rain cleared, the sun came out and we did something unexpected that ended up being a whole lot of fun and made for some very special memories!

I talk about who was there that day (the 3 of us), what we did (a day trip) & what happened (the weather and change of plans), why we did it (our annual summer visit), where we went and when the trip took place.

With a little practice, it is pretty easy to fill in that type of information if you are not good at getting the words on your pages. You don't even have to write full sentences! Of course if you are not yet confident in adding words to your pages you could use some beautiful quotes, song lyrics or pre-made word art and let those words speak for your page. I think these journaling divider ideas would still work wonderfully!

So ... maybe you are inspired to add some extra words where they might not have made a presence on your page before? If you do give it a go ... try some journaling dividers to jazz up your pages too!


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