Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Hey scrapping friends! Today on the blog, we have another edition of our Customer Spotlight. Here's a chance to get to know Lorry a little bit better. Enjoy!

  Name: Lorry

  Alias: lorryfach

  Country: Denmark
Favorite PRD Kit or Product?
Love the Life You Live

How long have you been scrapping?  
In 2007, although I didn’t even know it was called that at the time!

What is your go to product? Something that seems to find it’s way on many of your pages?
I love to mix up the flat things like doodles and paint with taller things like flowers and brads.

What would your dream kit be, if you could have any kit created for you?
I would love a role-playing/Dungeons & Dragons kit

Best scrapbooking trick you learned?
Actions! I couldn’t go back to scrapping without my Photoshop actions. They’re such timesavers. I make one for anything I do that takes more than one step.

Random facts that we might not know about you?

1. My favorite movie is Mary Poppins.
2. I like to wear knee socks.
3. I worked at a dry cleaners for 3 years.
4. My first pet was a parakeet named Happy.
5. I have two older brothers.

Here are a few favorite pages by Lorry using Pink Reptile products:

I Love You

Marjorie McNeely Conservatory 

Big Sis and Lil Sis

The Moment

Heck Yes

Love the pages you've shared with us Lorry! And of course you would mention Actions are being your best scrapbooking tip! You are always so helpful sharing actions in the forums and giving advice on technical stuff. That's a great timesaver and a great tip!
So fun to learn all these random facts about you too! I hope you enjoy shopping with your coupon and thanks so much for allowing us to highlight you here on the blog!


  1. Great post! I didn't know about this segment. Must follow more closely!

  2. It was great to learn more about you Lorry! Great pages!! :)