Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Name: Shivani  
Country: Living in UK but from India
Favourite colour: Orange and Yellow
Favourite food: Indian
Describe you in one word: On the run!

1. How and when did you start digital scrapbooking?
June 2013: I remember the time very clearly because that’s when my bank balance started to feel the pinch!!!! LOL! I always wanted to record my children’s growing up years. I had done the first year scrapbook book for my eldest in paper format but after that there was a void for couple of years and then when I had my second one, I was itching to start memory-keeping again. But paper scrapping seemed so ambitious and that’s when one of my very dear friends who had ventured into digital scrapbooking herself got me started.

2. How and when did you end up in a CT/CTs?
I was a closeted scrapper (yep, just coined that!) for a long time after that. I did not feel I had the confidence or the talent to show up on forums and start sharing. Not an extrovert in real life too! But then the MOC (Month of Challenges) happened at the Lilypad earlier this year and the $20 coupon lured me out!!! LOL! And in hindsight that was the best thing ever. I hadn’t realised how welcoming and supportive the scrapping community is. I was hooked and haven’t looked back.
I started applying to CTs and getting positive responses (which was unbelievable!!!)

3. How long have you been on my CT?
In March this year, you got in touch with me Mirjam, to offer me a guest spot for April-May. I was over the moon as you were the first designer at TLP to offer me that. And when you asked me to continue after that as a permanent member, I felt I had hit jackpot. I am very, very proud to be a Pink Lady – tickled pink about it!!!

4. What software do you use? What type of camera do you have?
I have a Nikon D5200 (broke my D5100, so this one’s pretty new) and I use PSE v10. I need to upgrade on both categories but am still waiting to do my research before I invest.

5. How would you describe your style?
My style is mixed – experimental I’d say. I try to mix up lots of different things. Probably the best example is the first page I did with mostly your products for the monthly challenge. I wanted to create a bit of a messy page with lots of movement and I wanted to try this “dispersed” technique I had read about. So that’s what I did. There is loads going on in this page, extraction, blending, dispersion.

True to Yourself 

6. What is your favourite scrapbooking item, something that you turn to again and again?
I would say all messy stuff – Paint splatters are my favourite. I can’t resist using them. I also use lots of masks to get rid of unwanted elements in my photos and yes -  threads and stitching. I could go on and on. But you asked favourite right?!!! LOL!
Here’s another favourite page of mine. Can you see I’m partial to double spreads?!!!

Not Again!

7. What is your favourite Pink Reptile Product and why? Can you please provide and example page (with mostly PRD products)?
Oh that is tough!!!I love all the quirkiness that is you Mirjam!!! I especially love your wordarts and often tweak them to make my titles.

No Way ...

What I Like About You

I also love the wicked alpha of yours and sketch & wire alpha

Egg-cellent Hunt!

Egg-cellent Hunt!

8. Just for fun …tell us all about a quirky habit of yours!
Sitting down at my laptop is a luxury. My nearly 6 and 3 year olds are often very curious about what I do. So when the questioning gets incessant, I sit them down and show them what I am making and I get lots of inputs on why things are not nearly enough pink and glittery (did I say I have two girls?!!). We also dig out old baby pics to look at together. That gets lot of giggles all the time. Quirky, you asked? Well this is mainly in the evenings – dinner can wait!!! I love distractable kids!!! LOL!

9. Name 5 things that you can touch RIGHT NOW from where you are sitting, no cheating!
I wrote this while at work so a cup of green tea, my notebook, pen and highlighter, mini cheddars (empty packet – yes they are an English thing!) and of course my phone.

10. Silliest thing you have ever done …
Rattled off my husband’s mobile number when asked for mine. I am getting quite bad at this and hubby’s gotten used to getting random calls from strangers!!!

11. Can you give us a tip on digital scrapbooking?
I don’t consider myself an expert. I still think there is so much to learn. My motto is to keep an open mind, keep experimenting and you’ll never lose your creative edge and yes, most importantly keep at it!!! In all our busy lives, if you are passionate about something, you need to pursue it and the rewards are immense!!!

Thanks for taking a turn in the spotlight Shivani! So fun to read a little bit more about you, your scrapbooking adventure, and your busy life! 3 and 6 are definitely a handful, but I love to hear how interested your girls are in your hobby and that you sit & share with them your scrapbooking passion! So sweet! They are beautiful muses for your extremely creative and gorgeous pages. I always love to see what you will come up with next and I think coining yourself as an "experimental" scrapper is a perfect description of your amazing style! Thanks for sharing with us today! 

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