Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Today we have KarenW in the spotlight. Grab a snack and a little drink and sit down to read a little bit more about Karen.

  Name: Karen Wray

  Alias: KarenW and also Vanilla Scraps

  Country: Australia
Favorite PRD Kit or Product?  Where to start? Gesso It, Every Day of the Week, Maskerade, Passion for Paper, Dog Eared [great alpha!]

How long have you been scrapping?  
Went to my first scrapping party in the late 90’s, hated it! The woman in charge was not very instructive or generous with the supplies and insisted on cutting all her photos in circles… Just not my thing. Fast forward 5 or so years and picked up a free scrapbooking magazine and immediately saw the potential. Hit the craft shops the same day and haven’t looked back. Went full time digi in 2013 when we were building our house and all my craft supplies ended up in boxes.

What is your go to product? Something that seems to find it’s way on many of your pages?
Anything messy! Paint, stitches, doodles, loose threads and neutral background papers.

What would your dream kit be, if you could have any kit created for you?
We have a new cat so more pet kits, travel kits based in Asia would be cool as well.

Best scrapbooking trick you learned?
Just get it done [ok, still have trouble with this] and be happy with your own style. I made so many pages when I was paper scrapping with lots of flowers and lace because that was what other people were doing although they are very pretty, they just don’t feel right.

Random facts that we might not know about you?
  • Grew up on a farm, was devastated when we moved into town at the age of 13.
  • Was a strapper/groom for a professional show jumper when I was at high school, not a very good  rider though.
  • Have a degree in Environmental Science.
  • All but passed out from a panic attack at my own wedding, had to leave the church for a few minutes. Still amuses family and friends to this day 20 years later…
  • Am addicted to podcasts and audio books.

Here are a few favorite pages by Karen:

First day Year 7

Moving the Lego box

Lemon squishee

Awesome pages Karen! Love that your son had a special box that was so precious he trusted no one to touch it during your move. That is an awesome story for a page! I love the look of your pages with the doodles and paint and think that your tip to scrap and "be happy with your own style" is such great advice!

And oh my goodness, your story about your wedding!!! I think many people have cold feet right before a wedding, but a near panic attack, wow, that is something! It is a big moment and the emotions are overwhelming! Glad it only took a few minutes to recover. :) Thank you so much for sharing a little about yourself, Karen! I had so much fun learning more about you! I hope you enjoy your coupon and happy scrapping!

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  1. I love your style, Karen! You had great advice about accepting your own style and to not compare yourself to others.