Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I always love going through old family photo albums when I am at my parents house. When I see those “old days memories” I am so happy that I scrapbook and make project life pages for my girls. Looking through my childhood pictures I saw a lot a great fonts on the packages and retro wallpaper. I also found a box with old records and books. Looking through all those old treasures I loved the fonts on almost every record, they are bold, bright and still very modern. A lot of retro fonts are still used in the advertisement in magazines and shops. And what about watching old movie posters and see the titles with those vintage fonts!

These “old” fonts are also still great for printables or for a homemade-invitation or for scrapbook pages with your own baby-pictures or school-memories.

Here a my favorite retro-vintage fonts:

1. Deftone Stylus, 2. Riesling, 3. Rocket Script, 4. Bellerose, 5. Forty Second Street, 6. Kilsonburg, 7. Matchbox, 8. Connie, 9. Hermione, 10. Seaside Resort

Oh and it’s fantastic to create something new with these oldies while listening to songs from the 60’s and 70’s!

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