Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I am really, really excited about this month's hybrid project. So excited that I want to invite you to play a little game with me. I will be telling all about it at the end of this post. It's a surprise!

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new concept of art mail: Pocket Letters™!

Janette Jane is the creator of this new concept. She lives in California and her blog is a wonderful source of inspiration. It shows and tells everything you need to know about these pockets letters and so much more.
Another great source of course is Pinterest. On this page you can find letters, ideas, guides and even templates to create letters.

The idea behind pocket letters is to share letters in pockets shape and offer little gifts hidden inside the pockets.

I SO love this idea! That's why I decided to join into this adventure.

My first pocket letter I made especially for this blog post. To create the page I used Sea Of Love and Scribbledeedoo by Pink Reptile Designs.
I made my different journaling cards in Photoshop with Mirjam's products. Here's 2 examples in .jpg format (3 x 4 inch/9 x 6.5 cm):

Once I finished all the cards I printed them on cardstock, cut them and slid the cards inside the pockets I also printed a few sheets of patterned papers from the Sea of Love paper pack.

I used letters to write BY MIRJAM and GIFT. And I slid a little gift behind the paper of the last pocket [Yes: a surprise !]

Then I created a confetti pocket. I slid metalic plastic dots inside that pocket and I machine stitched it to close it.

And I made a second confetti pocket with old metallic flower-shape sequins  that my great-grandmother gave me and I added some elements like a golden ampersand and a paper clip.

And here is my finished page:

And now the surprise game !

The whole idea of these pocket letters is that they are sent to someone. I decided I am going to send mine to one of YOU!

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post before June 30! On June 30 we will have Mr. Random pick a winner and I will send my pocket letter [with the gift included] to that lucky winner!

Good luck!


  1. I have just started doing pocket letters and haven't yet sent one. But they sure are fun! I love your idea of using themes from scrapbooking kits.

  2. How fun! I love the idea of putting a surprise in one of the pockets. I will definitely be checking out Pinterest for more ideas :)

  3. Not sure if I am allowed to enter but I'd love to get that beautiful page! ;)

  4. interesting idea). Thank you for the chance to get such a wonderful gift))))

  5. How fun, what an awesome idea! I love your page! You are so very creative!!!!!

  6. Not sure if my comment posted, but what a great page!

  7. This is wonderful ! Thank you for the tutorial, Geraldine is very talented. Thank you Mirjam for the chance.

  8. WOW. Adorable! I love this idea but haven't tried it yet... wheels are turning. I want one! hehe. thanks for the post. Super fun!

  9. GG c'est superbe, bravo!

  10. Gorgeous, I love the idea of these pocket pages, and I am going to use some of your ideas on my Project Life pages. Thank you x

  11. I love these!! They are super cute! What a fun idea!! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

  12. I am closing the giveaway and wil lbe back with a winner soon!