Tuesday, 17 March 2015


by Pink Lady San

It’s been a while since the last font post but I’m still searching weekly for new amazing fonts. I know I’m a font hoarder, I just can’t get enough of them. I started Project Life this year again and I wanted to have one handwritten font to use, but during my search I added more and more into my collection. It was so difficult to choose just one to use.

Lucky for me handwritten fonts can be used in all kind of craft projects, scrapbook pages and even on your printables like cards and labels. I always make a subway art for the season too. This is where I use all the [new] fonts I like. Never heard of subway art? Well here's a fun free printable one that can be found on the Simple Crafter blog:

laundry subway art from the simple crafter 

Want to give try and make this yourself? Then hop on over to the oopseydaisyblog for a fabulous step by step tutorial!

Now back to my favorite fonts for the season; handwritten fonts.
Handwritten fonts are perfect if you want to add a personal touch to your work and I think this might be the reason many designers use them in their word arts and on their journal cards.

Because handwritten is all the trend at the moment there's a gazillion beautiful fonts out there. Needless to say it was very, very hard to make a selection. Because everybody has their personal taste and preferences I tried to make a very diverse selection. I hope you will like my mix of handwritten fonts that are, by the way, all free to download.

1. Young and Beautiful, 2. Silver Bellybutton, 3. PR8 Charade, 4. Halo Handletter, 5. City Birds, 6. Le Labaratoire du Docteur, 7. Angelique ma Douce, 8. Somebody That I Used To Know, 9. Lazy Writer, 10. Cutie Patootie

What's your favorite handwritten font? Is it not in the lis abovet? Then by all means leave us a link in the comments box! We don't want to miss out on great fonts!


  1. Oh that's a great one Lucinda! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
    Here's a link for everyone, you gonna want to grab this one! http://www.dafont.com/jenna-sue.font