Tuesday, 20 January 2015


What is hybrid scrapbooking? It is a fusion between “traditional” and digital scrapbooking. It is combining physical supplies that you might pick up at your local scrapbooking store, and the digital supplies that you purchase at your favorite online shop. It is mixing two art mediums to create one unique project. And, it is a BLAST!

The most obvious projects to think of are hybrid pages, cards and [mini] albums but there a whole lot more things you think of. Remember I showed you how to make a hybrid calendar here?

Now get ready to have your socks blown off by this next hybrid project: the cutest home decoration project you can imagine!


I found these super cute paper bird houses while I was browsing pins on Pinterest searching for inspiration for my next project. I instantly fell in love with them.

On the karmuca y cuquino blogspot I found a .jpeg with the basic pattern of the house which I printed on white cardstock, cut out and folded and glued together as indicated.

Then I covered my house with Pink Reptile papers that I had also printed and already at hand [papers are from: Forget Me Not, Pop, Ta-Dah and I'm Not Perfect].

Now it was time to embellish my houses. For this I just several wood veneer elements that I had bought at my local craft store and of course I used some hybrid elements like the bird button from Pink Reptile's Buttons element pack and more papers for the bird house entrances.

Once they were finished I pinned them to the wall of my daughters bedroom and this is what that looks like:

My daughter loves them and so do I!

As always I hope you enjoyed my post and if I inspired you in any way, shape or form then by all means make a photo and upload it to your gallery so you can leave a link in the comment section below! I'd love to see what you made!

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