Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Name: Audrey Tan [aka snowdropz]

Country: Currently living in India.

Favourite colour: Pink. I might vacillate between pink and red sometimes.

Favourite food: Chinese cuisine especially tim sum. I do like Japanese sushi too! Despite living in various countries, I still go back to my roots and would hunt down any store that sells Chinese food or check out an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Describe you in one word: Adventurous.

1. How and when did you start digital scrapbooking?
I started out as a traditional scrapbooker and cardmaker in 2004. Then as my boys grew bigger, I was left with little time to play with my physical stash. However, the urge to create led me to explore digital scrapbooking in late 2010. After all, I would still be creating, just in another medium! I had Photoshop on my computer but didn’t know how to use it. Then in early 2011, I took an online course that showed me how to use Photoshop to create digital pages and I guess the rest is history. Just as well, I have turned to digital scrapbooking as my laptop have travelled me with everywhere and I’ve occupied my time effectively.

2. How and when did you end up in a CT/ CT’s?
I had been in CTs while scrapbooking the traditional way. When I started digital scrapbooking, I wasn’t sure if my digi skills would make the grade. Anyway, I tried and got into Tiffany Tillman’s team. That gave me confidence and later found myself creating for various designers.

3. How long have you been on my CT?
I was invited by you on 11 March 2012 via a message on MSA site. Unfortunately, I didn’t check my message until the end of the month and I was horrified that I missed it. I quickly responded and thankfully, you still wanted me. Well, I’m still a member and loving every time a new kit comes out.

4. What software do you use? What type of camera?
I used Photoshop CS6 and own a Nikon DSLR but use my iPhone 5S extensively for photo taking [too much hassle taking the DSLR around].

5. How would you describe your style?
Since turning digital, I am able to explore various styles of scrapbooking and I think my style gravitate towards artsy, grunge, mixed media style. I do make use of brushes, transfers etc. a lot on my pages. However, I’m also flexible and am able to create a page using a traditional kit as well.

credits: Boho Bliss by Pink Reptile Designs & Lynne Marie, fonts used: Pea Amy & Fette Bauersche Antique

credits: Boho Bliss by Pink Reptile Designs & Lynne Marie

6. What is your favourite scrapbooking item, something you turn too again and again?
Well, anything that allows me to ‘mess’ up a background page. Hence, paint splats, brushes, blendables, overlays etc.

7. What is your favourite Pink Reptile product and why?
Well, that’s easy, it has to be Boho Bliss, a collaboration kit between Mirjam & Lynne Marie. My favourite all time kit as it has every thing that I love! I could easily use that kit over and over again.


8. Just for fun… tell us all about a quirky habit of yours!
I snack a lot when I scrap, mainly on chocolates! Somehow it just fuels my creativity.

9. Name 5 things that you can touch RIGHT NOW from where you are sitting, no cheating!
The TV and cable remote controls, iPhone, some snacks, my kitten (sitting behind me) & my printer.

10. Silliest thing you have ever done…
My son lost his iPhone 4 and kept quiet about it. I only found out 2 weeks later and quickly activated the Find My iPhone signal. What happened was that he accidentally dropped it in my car. That night, my car was broken into and the the phone was taken.

At that time, I didn’t think much was taken as I don’t usually keep a lot of stuff in my car as it’s parked on the driveway. The app found the iPhone quickly and I locked it. Shortly, I received a call from the new owner of the iPhone. Someone had sold him the iPhone in a pub. He didn’t think it was stolen. To cut the long story short, he offered to return the phone back to me in exchange for a compensation. We agreed to meet.

My husband was out of the country then and didn’t want me to go but I was so determined to retrieve the iPhone and I went. It turned out the poor chap was a 20-year old who thought he got a deal buying an iPhone for £100. The guy who stole it was an opportunist who went around breaking into cars, parked on driveways. He didn’t even cleaned the phone properly hence that was why I managed to track it down.

On hindsight, I guess I was mad to even meet the person on my own but adrenalin kicked in and I wasn’t about to lose the phone again a second time!

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