Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Welcome to the Pink Reptile Design 5 Year Designiversary Celebration!!!

Let me start by saying that a 30% off storewide sale has started that will run through Sunday October 19! Woot!
And back to the challenges...

We are now half way through the month and I just want to thank you all for stopping in and playing along with the fun & games! I really hope you all are having a good time! All of your pages were beautiful, unique and oh so creative. The monthly Blog Challenge will be posted tomorrow, on the 16th, one day late ... so we can continue our Wednesday fun with prizes and games!

Before I announce the winners let me show you the AWESOME pages that were entered. I took out Anne's page because she's a member of the Pink Reptile team.

Have a closer look by clicking on the pages!

by denise by judith
by jang by olga
by hélène by karen
by katja by jill
by justine

It is time to share the winners of our second game for the celebration. Mr Random had a really tough time picking our three winners from all those fabulous pages for the Super Slow Scrap, but as always, he gets the job done!

  • Justine aka bellbird
  • karen aka karenw
  • and katja aka doggino

You all have a PM awaiting you on your TLP account. I hope you enjoy your $5 GC to the Pink Reptile Design store and  I hope everyone who played had fun and was able to make a page they love. Remeber you are also still in the running for that special guest spot!

Now, are you ready to begin our next game?!

Today's game is an oldie but goodie. You will be hunting through the Pink Reptile Design Store (or your stash) to match these 12 preview peeks to the correct PRD kits.

Just like last week, this game will run for one week and the hunt begins ...... NOW! :)

All entries must be emailed to me at prettyinposies AT gmail DOT com. Please do not post your answers here in the comments section. All entries that have the twelve correct answers will be entered into a random drawing and one winner will receive a $10 GC to the Pink Reptile Designs store. Answers are due Oct 21st. Winner will be announced Oct 22nd.


Want to win a spot as a Guest Pink Lady on the Pink Reptile Creative Team for Nov, Dec and Jan? Remember, you will have your name added to the draw for every game you play. So if you take part in all 4 games, you will be entered in the draw 4 times, thus increasing your chances to win a guest spot. One Lucky Winner will be announced on Oct 29th.

Good luck and Have fun!


  1. Oh weeh, I won ! Thanks so much. :)

    I recognize quite some already; can't wait to dive into the store ... again. LOL

    1. Glad to see you are having fun Katja! Congrats!

  2. Oh man, how many of these do I have?? most of them (yay), thanks for the gift voucher as well, more goodies! xx

    1. Your welcome regarding the coupon Karen! Good luck with this 3rd challenge!

  3. oh wow - looks like i won something last round, thanks mr. random generator... i don't see a PM in my TLP though? off to search the store for a few more kits for the scavenger hunt

    1. that's weird. can you send me an e-mail at Justine? Then I will send it ti you via mail!