Friday, 16 August 2013

3 new products and quarterly sale!!!

I have been working really, really hard to be able to put more than one new product in the store at the start of the Lilypad's Quartely sale. Of course these new products will also be 30% off during the sale.


Since most vacations are [almost] over and schools all over the world are starting again I thought I'd make a themed kit to scrap those first 'back to school' days.

30% off through August 19

Then I'm guessing those vacation photos need to be turned into pages and or albums so I made a cool set of travel/transportation journal cards that will add that extra little oomph to your pages and that will also look great in your Project Life albums. How about giving the cards that extra personal touch by printing them and [have the kids] color them!

 30% off through August 19

by sandy

And finally I made a huge pack of gesso transfers that you will be able to use as they are to add texture to your pages or you could treat them with blend modes, use them as masks and clip papers or photos to them, use them as mattes or whatever your creative mind can come up with! The possibilities are endless!

[I have added extra previews in the store showing what all the seperate transfers look like]

30% off through August 19  

And let me show you what you get when you give these 3 products to the most amazing creative team a girl can think off! Firework my friends. Sheer firework!
 by marnel
by anne
by barbara and elina
by marnel
by cynthia, cynthia, audrey and natascha
by natascha
by ellen
by anne and elina
by elina
by sannn

Have a great weekend and Happy Shoppin'!

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