Friday, 8 February 2013

Date Me All Year Round date tabs

Don't you just LOVE date tabs? I know I do. The best thing about a nice date tab is that you can easily sneak it into your elements or, if it's a real pretty one, even make it a prominent feature on your page.

I think you can very easily sneak these vellum tabs in to your elements, or, without adding to much shadow, integrate them with your background paper(s) so they will not draw a lot of attention. However I think they are also pretty enough to make them stand out. Whatever fits your design best of course. The choice is yours.

To make it even easier to intergrate the tabs or to let them stand out, I made them in 3 colours: black, white and red and one for EVERY day of the year, plus one blank tab with just the divider. That makes 1101 .png date tabs that you can use forever!

20% off through Sunday February 10

And the Pink Ladies and Polly's made all these gorgeous pages to show you just how versatile these tabs are! You'll see that they fit in ANY type or style page!

by courtney
by iva
by mirjam
by natascha
by susanne
by janett and karen
by sannn

If you were planning on taking part in my blog challenge then there's still time but you shouldn't wait to long now. The new one will be going up on February 15!

Have a great weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

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  1. Hopefully I figured this out! Thanks for the wonderful template and fun challenge. Here's mine

    Thanks Mirjam :)
    JenEm (not Anonymous!)