Wednesday, 15 August 2012

NEW: august 2012 Zig Zag Line products

 Isn't it totally AMAZING? Believe it or not but there's 54 brand new products in our new Zig Zag Lines!

In case you have never heard of the ZZS Zig Zag Lines, let me explain a litte: it's a collection of totally different products made by the ZZS designers in one common colour palette. The whole idea is that you can mix & match all these products just the way you like it! and kinda build your own collab!

Here's what I made

And if you decide to buy all 6 Pink Reptile products then there's a money saving bundle that will get you all those goodies at more than a 50% DISCOUNT!!

Let me show you the amazing works of art the Pink Ladies and members of Jeanye Labaya's CT made with these products.

by sandra
by laura
by manuela & erika

by janett

 by andrea
from left to right and top to bottom by:
nini, soco, neenee & manuela

 by christina
 by alanna & gloria
 by natascha
by jordan
from left to right and top to bottom by:
audrey, carrie, eleonora & helen
by loni
by yvonne

Have a great weekend, Happy Shoppin' & Scrappin'!

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