Friday, 6 January 2012

365 schtuffs and a new FB gift

So I finally decided I am going to have a go at a 365 project. Maybe it will be a 52 project I am not sure what to call it but I am documenting everything that is worth preserving at the end of each week. So you tell me...

I told you last week that I was starting a 52 weeks of inspiration project in the ZZS fun-place right? Well first weeks theme was: newness so I was on the watch out for everything new that crossed my path and that is what my first layout is all about:

Journaling reads: How’s that for great beginnings? After a fantastic New Year’s eve with our best friends, first thing I run into in the morning is this line written on my notebook by Cindy saying “Mirjam is a sweetheart” (1). And if that was not just the best start of a new year I can also safely say that I am starting the New Year with very exciting stuff. I am being featured at DigiShopTalk the whole month of January! Wow...I still cannot believe I was asked and I am so very pleased with the kit I made for my feature! I really love the way it turned out (2). But there's more! I am also a guest designer at Scrappity Doo Dah! And to celebrate this occasion I made a collab with Bekah E (3) who turned out to be a great and fun person to work with. I bought 3 pairs of new shoes on sale and  got them at a bargain price (4, 5, 6) ! Woohoo! Also I learned a new cool word: discombobulated (7). It means exactly what it sounds like: to confuse. How cool is that! I am keeping my fingers crossed that “good beginnings mean good ends”.

Of course I am not writing you this newsletter just to show you my progress...LOL. But this whole 365 thing got me really inspired and THAT IS why I am writing. I wanted to make sure you got the new and exclusive FB gift I made plus I wanted to show you my latest product that is in store now AND... I have a little something just for you guys!

First my latest creation: an awesome set of finishing touches for your 365/52 projects! This pack is focused especially on the first 3 months of the year but most of it can of course be used all year around. I only finished this yesterday evening so it's so hot of the press I didn't even get a chance to give it to the Pink Ladies!

This set includes:

* number set brads (1-31)
* number set clothing labels (1-31)
* number set red glitter (0-9)
* number set silver (0-9)
* bread clips monday-sunday
* epoxy months january-december
* 12 wordarts
* 22 unique elements
* 3 papers

--- 20 off friday, saturday and sunday at ZZS and my guest store at SDD ---

As you can see I am all into new things...

Have you already started your 365/52 project or are you still trying to decide whether you have the guts to give it a try? Well I am taking the plunge and I am sure that with the help of my friends in the fun-place my chances of succeeding will be much, much bigger then trying this on my own. We created a subforum where you can make your own personal thread. A place to post your layouts and keep track of your project and share it with others while you're working on it! Join me in the fun-place in the new 365  for birdbrains forum and let's have some fun together!
Happy Scrappin'!

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