Friday, 2 December 2011

new: christmas collab, guest spot, exclusive products and FB gift!

Yeah, I am not kidding! I have a LOT of new stuff for you!

First of all ValC and I teamed up again and made the most gorgeous Christmas kit. Apart from that I started my guest spot today at.... Pickleberry Pop! Cool huh? I thought so too and that is why I made not 1 but 2 new products that will be exclusively sold at their store while I am guesting! To top it all of I also made a new Facebook gift and there 's more I have got to tell you but let me start by showing you the beautiful collab Val and I made! We are over the moon at how it turned out!!!

Cozy Christmas Day Collab
I truly love December because it's a month of caring, sharing, loving and giving and I am a sucker for Christmas decorations!  Needless to say that I was all ears when my dear digi friend Val asked if I wanted to team up for some Christmas themed goodies.
Oh how we loved making this beautiful, warm coloured kit! Val too feels that Christmas is one of the coziest and most magical moments of the year and with just that thought in mind we designed this kit. We both also wish you to have a cozy and romantic Christmas and we are pretty sure this kit will help you to preserve all the magical moments in it!

--- 20% off friday, saturday and sunday at DSB & PBP---
the bundle includes:
The paper pack
30 papers (19 softly patterned papers and 11 solids)
The element pack
47 elements and 9 wordarts, and
The alpha pack
1 lower case alpha with numbers and punctuation and 1 upper case alpha with numbers and punctuation
Also available as seperate packs but off course buying the bundle saves dollars!

Here's a little of the magic that you can do with this awesome kit
by marnel
by boamirana, katja, barbara and natascha
by cheryl, giny and kim, susanne, nini and giny, naz, dorota and anne
by demetria

Guest spot at Pickleberry Pop
I am really looking forward to getting to know the team behind the scenes of Pickleberry Pop! To celebrate my guest spot there I made not 1 but 2 new products that will be there exclusively during my stay.

A brand new set of large, versatile masks that are a great and easy way to give your pages
 that wow-factor you were looking for! Simply use them as a clipping
mask to clip them to your photo(s) and/or papers

--- 30% off during my opening weekend friday Dec 2 - Sunday Dec 4 ---
want to see proof of their WOW-factor?
by jordan, astrid, valé and muriel

My other new and exclusive product is this cute neutral and very versatile kit called Simply chic. A kit for all seasons with a sweet vintage touch.

--- 30% off during my opening weekend friday Dec 2 - Sunday Dec 4 ---

and here's some inspiration from the pink ladies
by andrea, nini, valé and natascha

New and exclusive Facebook gift
I already told you that Val and I enjoyed making the Cozy Christmas Day Collab very much. What I kept a secret is that we didn't stop at making the bundle! Nope! We each also made a little add-on that you can grab for free on each of our FB pages! Since it is the season of giving, feel free to tell anyone you know to go and grab it too! And if you think the bundle and the free addons is the last Val and I have for you for Christmas then you are wrong! We are preparing a little blog train with our CT’s so make sure you keep an eye on our FB pages and blogs so you don’t miss our surprise!

--- image is linked ---

and here's the link to Val's FB page

Have an AWESOME weekend and Happy Scrappin'!


  1. Dangit! I've been one of your followers for quite some time, but I won't join Facebook. Why the coersion? SO, so, disappointed.

  2. {♥} Thanks for lovely freebie...
    My feedback for your post .

  3. Why not send me an e-mail anonymous? You should know I don't do coersion right? There are however way more people that follow me on my FB page than on my blog so I sometimes put a freebie on my blog and sometimes on my FB page. Seems only fair to me.

    I do however understand that not everyone wants to join FB. Let me know who you are and I will gladly provide you the link! No problem at all!

  4. Oops! Something went wrong there.

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