Saturday, 12 November 2011

pink lady spotlight: meet Candice

Among the Pink Ladies is also my dear friend Candice. Candice helps me to promote my products. Since she is still too shy to show her digital pages she leaves that to the rest of the pink ladies but off course she does have an opinion on the subject so I asked her the following questions to get to know more about the scrapper behind my promo champ.

Meet Pink Lady Candice

1. How and when did you start digital scrapbooking?  
After 10 years of paper scrapping, I found myself “Googling” digital scrapping 3 years ago when I was stuck on bed rest due to having kidney stones.  I was enamoured by everything that was available.  I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) with the possibilities that digital scrapbooking could offer.  I used to be one of those paper scrappers who said, “I would never try digital scrapbooking!”  I thought there was no way I could give up the tangible papers, embellishments, and of course my tape-runners!  I need to stick stuff!  However, after considering it for awhile, I realized that with digital scrapbooking, you could literally scrapbook wherever you wanted to...with no mess to clean up afterward!

2. How and when did you end up in a CT/ CT’s? 
Since I am not 100% confident in my digital skills, I began finding ways to surround myself with others in the digital community.  I wanted to absorb what they knew...learn what they’ve learned.  Well, because the digital community is some warm and welcoming, I quickly had many friends, and with that I started to help these talented people promote their products.  I knew if I was a paper scrapper who swore I would never turn to digi, there must be literally hundreds of other paper scrappers who were missing out too!  I started to make it my mission to inform the “uninformed!” So...I have found myself on the promotion team of the best shop in all of digiland!

3. How long have you been on my CT? 
I have been working with you since May 2010!  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

4. What software do you use? What type of camera?  
I use PSE 7 when I TRY to scrap a page, and I use PSP to edit my photos.  Don’t ask me why this is the case.  I suppose old habits are hard to break.  As far as my camera goes: I have currently use a Canon PowerShot.  I would love to have a DSLR and I foresee that in my not-so-distant future!

5. How would you describe your style?
My style is somewhat traditional...I guess.  I tend to see something that is “cool” and then expand upon it when I create a project.

6. What is your favourite scrapbooking item, something you turn too again and again?
Oh, most definitely ribbons and buttons!

7. What is your favourite Pink Reptile product and why?
I am so profoundly in love with, “Scrap!” – I think it is because it’s all about what we love to do...which is scrap!

8. Just for fun… tell us all about a quirky habit of yours! 
Hmmm...quirky habit? It HAS to be my insatiable need to have every scrapbooking item ever created (whether it be digital, or paper), but never find the time to actually use any of it!  Perhaps I should work on that!

9. Name 5 things that you can touch RIGHT NOW from where you are sitting, no cheating! 
My EHD, a clock, my cell phone, a television remote, and my purse.

10. Silliest thing you have ever done…
hmmm....I do A LOT of silly things; sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident.  I’d say most recently, the silliest thing I did was: my kids and I (and a few of their friends) went through the drive-thru at a fast food place and as the worker handed me my credit card back, I told him that I loved his nose, and his eyeballs, too.  My kids cracked up and he looked at me like I was a freak.  But!  My kids love to laugh, and who am I to deprive them?

11. Can you give us a tip on digital scrapbooking? 
Yes! Don’t stress!  And definitely never feel like you have to be “caught up.”  If you do, you’ll always be overwhelmed and being overwhelmed isn’t fun.  Secondly...journal on your pages!  Someone...someday will see your scrapbook pages and you’ll want to tell that person a story.  I flip through my Grandmother’s scrapbook and I have so many questions that I wish I could ask her...but I can’t, she’s passed on.  Tell your loved ones what you were feeling, what you were thinking, who is in the photo, why is it special?  Just remember, one day your scrapbook may land in the hands of a family member who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you.  Tell them your story!

Thanks Candice for braving it in the spotlight and giving us a chance to getting to know you!


  1. Awesome spotlight! I loved learning more about Candi!!!

  2. Bummer! I think only my message for Natascha went through. SO, I was saying, I didn't leave some love last time I came here to read this interview so time to correct.
    I would love to go with you to the drive-thru Candice lol You rock the house and I wanted to thank you for your kindness in both good and difficult times. *hugs*
    Congrats on the spotlight!!