Friday, 8 July 2011

July challenges at the ZZS Fun-Place are up!!!

I just thought I'd put up a reminder for everyone that the July challenges in the ZZS Fun-Place have begun again and there's still plenty of time to complete themn all! If you are still in doubt about actually doing a challenge you really have to give it a shot! We have so much fun there if not for the challenges do drop in for a chat! We have a lovely group of people there already but I am still waiting for a lot of my (blog) followers to join us! I think it's a fabulous way to get to know each other!!! 

I know, I know vacation time is coming but that too is no excuse not to drop in and register so you're all set to go when you get back from vacation and need to start scrapping those vacation pictures!!! RIGHT???
 Have a great weekend everyone!

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