Wednesday, 9 February 2011

sneak peek

I have another little sneak peek for you!
For this lovely collab ('s so much fun to create somthing together) I teamed up with my dear friend RĂºbia from Studio Basic again. We both like to scrap about how much we love our hubbies and most of the time those layouts are embellished with photos of us kissing! That is why we decided to make a collab that would suit our personal needs. We chose a fun & bright color scheme to make sure our snapshots will look funky and fresh and added a truck load of elements in a variety of styles, techniques and textures. Of course we added an alpha and a handful of artistic templates to get us started.
It turned out so spectacular we thought it would be a crime not to share!

And we didn't stop there! As I said we made it for our personal needs and couldn't wait to play with it. Turned out it wasn't directly layouts that we created........


  1. Oh wow, can't wait to see this is its full glory !

  2. Same here - the sneak peek looks fabby!