Friday, 24 December 2010

sneak peek RAK winners!

So I am back to congratulate the winners of my latest sneak peek RAK: Monica and Daydreamer! I know I said that there would be only one winner but's the gift giving season and I am in a generous mood! Daydreamer could you please send me an e-mail at so I can give you your coupon? Monica yours should be in your mail already. Like always I would loooove to see your layouts and products that you make with the kit. So please give me a sign when you post something in the galleries!

I am also here to reveal the whole kit preview:
 As you can see I wasn't exaggerating when I wrote it is huuuuuge and that this is one you got to have! Besides 30 papers (21 patterned and 9 solids) there are: * 1 alpha (lower case, international characters, punctuation and some extras -93 items-) * 4 binder clips * 2 doodled birds (he-bird and she-bird) * 2 bows (green and pink) * 3 ribbon wraps (blue, pink and cream) * 3 brads (chrome, cream and bordeaux) * 3 patterned brads (flower, plaid, good habit, bad habit) * 4 fabric flowers * 3 papers posies * 2 doodled frames (blue and bordeaux border) * 1 plastic frame (with and without shadow) * 1 brushed metal frame (with and without shadow) * 1 glitter border * 1 glitter spatter * 1 glitter swoosh * 1 photo mask * 1 speech bubble * 3 stitched stems (blue, pink and cream) * 1 string attachment * 2 doodled tags (blue and bordeaux border) * 2 journal cards with glitter border (blue and pink) * 4 resolution lists with glitter border (blue and pink, English and French version) * 3 cut out swirl elements (blue, pink and green, with and without shadow) * 2 scattered beads elements (blue and pink) * 4 buttons (blue, cream, green and pink) * 7 wordart designs English and 1 French * 5 square flairs 'resolutions 2011' (English and French version)!!!!!

I also made and add-on with 3 matching alphas that you will get free with purchase of the kit at my ZZS store until January 23rd!!

Finally I got some inspiration for you:
 by Nini
 by myself
 by Barbara
 by Ve
by Vickilyn


  1. Thank you so much... :) My email is

    I will also send an email to you just in case. Thanks again and Happy Holidays....

  2. wow wow wow
    what beautiful xmas gift!!!
    thank hun :)