Saturday, 5 June 2010

new release: True to yourself

"I don’t like you". Four words we hate to hear. For some reason, we all like to be liked. No revelation there. It’s how we’re wired. We hate it when people don’t like us – even people we don’t really know. Some of us will do almost anything to be liked. We love to please, even at the expense of our own happiness, values, beliefs and standards. We compromise ourselves a hundred ways and turn ourselves inside-out trying to make others like us, but in that approval-seeking process we often forget who we are and wind up being disliked by the one person whose opinion should matter the most: us!

For many people, including myself, their need to be liked can actually form a significant barrier to personal growth. This kit was designed with just that in mind and to remind you that in order to be happy and to stay happy you need to always be true to yourself!

Kit includes:
15 papers (10 patterned papers and 5 subtly textured solids), 53 elements and 1 lower case alpha with numbers, a few punctuation marks and some cute symbols.

by Barbara
by Paula Francovig
by Cindy
by Muriel
by Rúbia
by me
by me

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